For QuoteAssist Workers

Looking for an available Job?

Register your QuoteAssist Worker account and start quoting on jobs for FREE . Yes you can submit job bids absolutely FREE.

1. Find an available Job on the QuoteAssist Job board.

2. Submit your bid for Free on any Project or Job listed on the QuoteAssist Project board. Project owner will pay $10 deposit for the job. If you are hired for the job, $10 will be the fee that QuoteAssist will retain, no hidden costs or charges.

Simple Pay As You Go system, no contracts, no commissions, no admin fees.

3. The Project Owner will select the most suitable candidate. If you are selected, you can contact the project owner via the work-space messaging

4. Once the Project Owner is satisfied that project is complete, the project will be closed. Then the Project owner and worker will have the opportunity to rate each other and arrange for the payment.

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